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(Last Update 12/29/2020)

The NBA showcased some great games this week, and with great games, there are a bevy of good and bad fantasy performances.

To help you make sense of it all, Fantasy Basketball This Week will list fantasy ballers, busts, and players to watch in the upcoming week.

Fantasy Ballers and Busts will update Tuesday morning. Averages will be updated as needed. Major injuries from this past week (Ja Morant, Spencer Dinwiddie, Karl Anthony-Towns, Kristaps Porzingis .etc) will be discussed on the next YouTube episode.

Check in every subsequent Tuesday for updates.

Note: Fantasy scores are based on default ESPN scoring. (Click on photos for links to game highlights and articles about the featured players)

(Click on player pictures for links to highlights and articles)

Fantasy Ballers

Click to watch highlights from CJ’s last game

CJ McCollum | SG | Blazers

Season Avg: 55.3 Fantasy Points

Points: 29.0

43.7% FG| 42.9% 3PT |90.9% FT

Rebounds: 3.3

Assists: 7.3

Steals: 1.3

Blocks: 0.7

Turnovers: 0.7

CJ has one of the deepest bags in the league and his skill set always gives him the opportunity to be fantasy-relevant, but this first week of the season “Clutch” James McCollum has gone nuclear. CJ matched James Harden shot-for-shot in Houston en route to a 44-point game on 12/26, he also tacked on eight assists and posted 79 ESPN Standard Fantasy Points.

The highlights of his week continued on Monday night as he gave the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers a 20-point, 11-assist double-double.

Upcoming schedule:

Clippers 12/30 | Warriors 1/1 and 1/3

Click to Watch Jokic Dominate

Nikola Jokic | C |Nuggets

Season Avg: 66.3 Fantasy Points

Points: 24.0

61% FG| 42.9% 3PT|73.9% FT

Rebounds: 12.0

Assists: 14.0

Steals: 1.3

Blocks: 1.0

Turnovers: 4.7

Jokic feasted last week, and the numbers above don’t lie. Jokic posted two nice games over 69 ESPN Standard Fantasy Points last week (70 @SAC and 82 @HOU). As long as he’s playing, he should be in your lineup, as he holds the potential to carry entire fantasy teams.

If he keeps this model of consistency up, Jokic will probably miss this column throughout the year to avoid the redundancy of posting his monster weeks.

Upcoming Schedule:

Kings 12/29 | Suns 1/1 | T-Wolves 1/3

Click to Watch Sabonis go to work

Domantas Sabonis | PF/C | Pacers

Season Avg: 44.7 Fantasy Points

Points: 24.3

57.4% FG|44.4% 3PT|57.7% FT

Rebounds: 11.0

Assists: 7.0

Steals: 0.7

Blocks: 0.3

Turnovers: 4.3

The NBA’s Eastern Conference Player of the Week. Domantas Sabonis makes the list due to him establishing a relatively high statistical floor. He’s almost averaging a triple double and the 2020 All-Star is on his way to another phenomenal season. He’s yet to post a monster game of over 70 fantasy points, but on a good foul shooting night, he’s more than capable.

I’m really enjoying this Pacers team and don’t expect Sabonis to slow down soon.

Upcoming Schedule:

Celtics 12/29 | Cavs 12/31 | Knicks 1/2

Fantasy Busts

Click to watch

TJ Warren | SF |Pacers

Season Avg: 22.7 Fantasy Points

Points: 15.0

52.6% FG | 0.0% 3PT | 83.3 FT

Rebounds: 4.0

Assists: 1.7

Steals: 0.3

Blocks: 0

Turnovers: 0.7

TJ Warren is playing well, but not well enough for fantasy at this moment. Going into the season, he was expected to put up numbers like he did during the NBA Orland Bubble. So far, he’s been battling through injuries and not playing at the level we know he can reach.

A bust for this week, but confident he will regain form as the season goes along if his health holds up.

Upcoming schedule:

Celtics 12/29 | Cavs 12/31 | Knicks 1/2

Click to watch

LaMelo Ball | PG | Hornets

Season Avg: 15.0 Fantasy Points

Points: 6.3

33.3% FG|40.0% 3PT|50.0% FT

Rebounds: 4.0

Assists: 3.0

Steals: 1.3

Blocks: 0.0

Turnovers: 2.7

LaMelo makes the bust list due to his shooting—again. However, this time there is a positive note as his three-point shooting is now hovering around the 40 percent mark.

It was encouraging to see him get more time on the floor against the Nets, but LaMelo is still figuring out his game and his place in the rotation. He has immense talent, but not enough right now to make a difference for your fantasy team outside of a speculative bench add.

Improvement is on the horizon and I’m still a big believer in his ability, just not quite the time to trust him in fantasy.

Upcoming schedule:

Mavs 12/30 | Grizzlies 1/1 | 76ers 1/2

Click for Murray’s 23 point game last week

Jamal Murray | PG | Nuggets

Season Avg: 25.0 Fantasy Points

Points: 17.7

39.5% FG|36.4 % 3PT|68.8% FT

Rebounds: 4.7

Assists: 3.4

Steals: 1.0

Blocks: 0.3

Turnovers: 2.3

Murray makes the list this week due to a similar reason as TJ Warren. I expected a better start from a player who showed a higher floor in the bubble. He’s an amazing guard with all the tools to get to that level of production again, and I’m confident that he will return close to his Orlando form as the season marches along.

Upcoming schedule:

Kings 12/29 | Suns 1/1 | T-Wolves 1/3

One to Watch: Luguentz Dort

It’s only been one week into the season and we’re already having a Dort Report.

Lu Dort is known to NBA fans as a defensive stopper and showed a trustworthy jumper for the thunder in the bubble. So far it seems as if Dort has progressed his offensive game for OKC as he’s averaging 20.5 points per game on 60 percent from the field.

I’m expecting big things from Dort this year after watching him lock up Donovan Mitchell for three quarters in his last game against the Jazz.

Click to watch the Thunder v. Jazz highlights 12/28