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Collin Sexton

Cavs guard Collin Sexton was a focal point of the Fantasy Basketball – This Week pod in our last episode.

Our focus on Sexton was on his torching of the Nets, both nylon, and Brooklyn. Due to his play last week, I decided to watch him take on the Los Angeles Lakers this past Monday.

Sexton struggled with the Lakers as he posted 17 points, four rebounds, and six assists. Sexton’s production was deceptive as the real story, his shooting in the Lakers matchup, was well below the 50 percent mark he has posted so far this season.

The Lakers forced Sexton into poor shots. His jumper was off most of the night as he finished 6-of-17 from the field.

Despite a bad game, Sexton’s role as the catalyst of this Cavs team will continue.

Sexton will have the occasional abysmal shooting night. The Cavs require plenty of volume from him to compete, so if he’s not shooting well, he will have low-efficiency games against tough defenses.

However, the rough nights are nothing to worry about for the Young Bull, his play on both ends of the court will sustain his early-season success.

Sexton Segment on the pod 8:40 min mark.