District of Buckets All-NBA Bubble Team

The NBA bubble games have lived up to the hype. Every team in the bubble is playing hard, and the level of basketball has mimicked the first week of the regular season as many players have fresh legs and a rejuvenated hunger to compete among the world's best. With the final seeding games approaching, and … Continue reading District of Buckets All-NBA Bubble Team

Walking Bucket: Montrezl Harrell

Heart, Passion, and a true example of a blue-collar hooper, Montrezl Harrell brings maximum energy when he steps on the floor — the self-proclaimed "modern-day Rodman" will bring his toughness to the Clippers title hunt when he returns to the NBA bubble. https://youtu.be/jrTfbO4YwME Harrell finishes everything at the rack, as is evidenced by his 18.6 … Continue reading Walking Bucket: Montrezl Harrell

Walking Bucket: Emma Meesseman

In honor of the return of basketball this week, I wanted to remind you of—or introduce you to, one of the best scorers in the game, Washington Mystics forward Emma Meesseman. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuHpfJAGfEI Meesseman is a surgical scorer. She picks her spots well, and when you mix good shooting with good shot selection, you get efficient … Continue reading Walking Bucket: Emma Meesseman

No Asterisk, The Winners of the NBA’s Orlando Reboot Are Legit

This past Friday, the NBA released the schedule for its reboot in Orlando. While it has been a pleasure to discuss upcoming NBA action, a developing argument about the legitimacy of a 2020 NBA Championship has gained popularity over the past few weeks. More specifically, an argument stating a Finals win in the Orlando bubble … Continue reading No Asterisk, The Winners of the NBA’s Orlando Reboot Are Legit

John Wall’s 202 Assist

Pro athletes in 2020 are displaying the power their platform holds within local communities. During this mass period of demonstration, athletes have been incredibly visible. However, the question of how they can use their status to find concrete and quantifiable ways to improve the lives of others often arises. Luckily in the D.C area, we … Continue reading John Wall’s 202 Assist