Walking Bucket: Emma Meesseman

In honor of the return of basketball this week, I wanted to remind you of—or introduce you to, one of the best scorers in the game, Washington Mystics forward Emma Meesseman.

Meesseman is a surgical scorer.

She picks her spots well, and when you mix good shooting with good shot selection, you get efficient scoring.

In the Mystics 2019 Finals run, Meesseman averaged 19.1 ppg while shooting 58.2 percent from the field, 58.1 percent from three, and 82.4 percent from the free-throw line.

Meesseman’s postseason marksmanship mirrored her regular season. In the regular season, she missed out on making the 50-40-90 club only by not having the required minimum amount of field goal attempts. (55.2 FG%, 42.2 3PT%, 90.5 FT%)

Aside from her sniper-like accuracy, Meesseman does a phenomenal job of using her size and footwork to create space in one-on-ones. She also moves incredibly well off-ball, and when paired with the talent on the Mystics, she always seems to be open.

As an individual defender when you run into a player this skilled, who doesn’t need much space to get a shot off, with a high basketball IQ, you’re helpless if they’re making shots that night.

Meesseman is one of the most accomplished Belgian basketball players of all time, and her career accolades speak for themselves, so get ready to experience the legend of “Playoff Emma” when the WNBA returns.

Be sure to tune into ESPN on July 30th at 6p.m EST to watch Emma and the Mystics go to work on national television against the Seattle Storm. (one of only three nationally televised games, all but three will be shown on local television.)

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Link: Meesseman’s self-reflection on her championship journey

No NBA…What do I do now?

We’re past the NBA Finals, NBA draft and NBA Awards.What’s next? Luckily basketball never stops and summer ’19 is filled with entertaining hoops.

It was nice to see the NBA elite gather around Shaq in order to honor the best players the league had to offer for the 2018-19 season and by the end of the night all loose ends related to last season were tied and the focus is now on the future.

The Giannis v Harden MVP debate was finally settled as Giannis took home the NBA Most Valuable Player award.

The NBA is in the midst of an offseason that will change the power dynamic of the league. Free agency and potential trades have the ability to turn some teams into contenders overnight and the anticipation can eat away at the patience of any basketball fan.

However, with free agency looming and the summer league still a few weeks away here are some ways to fix your basketball itch and check out some high level hoopers you might not normally watch. Or if all you want is a break from incessant baseball highlights that’s okay too. Here’s what we got on tap for this week.

The Big3

The 3-on-3 half-court league founded by Ice Cube is back for its third season with bigger names, new teams and a fiery competition level that we are accustomed to seeing from former NBA athletes.

Josh Smith and Royce White, classic “oldhead” basketball

The league tipped off last Saturday and if you missed seeing some of your favorite players from the 2000’s this is the league for you.

The best moment of the opening weekend was the re-emergence of “Iso” Joe Johnson.

Joe Johnson demonstrated the scoring ability we saw during his time with the Atlanta Hawks and Brooklyn Nets. Every bucket was a reminder of his game in the past but was also a celebration of the present and proves this league accomplishes its goal of giving talented former NBA players a platform to showcase their talents for a longer period of time.

Personally, I am a big fan of the league because it has high level players showcasing different ways to score and defend in the half-court. Having a player like Joe Johnson playing in the league provides a lot of young players with the chance to watch and see how a high level scorer operates in a slowed down game.

“Iso” Joe still has it.

Big3 Week 2 this Saturday on CBS at noon EST.

The Mystics and Elena Delle Donne

The WNBA competition level is at the highest I’ve seen since I started watching a few years ago and I highly encourage anyone who likes basketball to check out a few games.

If you’ve never watched a full game I would start with the Washington Mystics matchup against the Connecticut Sun on Saturday, June 29th at 2 p.m. EST.

This game features two teams currently fighting for the top spot in the Eastern Conference and Mystics forward Elena Delle Donne. Delle Donne is one of my favorite players to watch and you won’t be disappointed when she’s on the floor.

EDD a walking bucket.

Delle Donne is a solid hooper defensively and offensively, evidenced by her 16 points per game. She uses her amazing footwork, length and off-ball movement to efficiently score on any defender.

She also has fantastic guard skills for a post player and when all of those factors are clicking together she becomes incredibly hard to slow down.

Long story short EDD can get or defend a bucket at will. Check out the Mystics this Saturday on ESPN.